Re: Minutes: Yocto Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, November 08, 2011 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Jeff, Beth, Paul, Darren, Tom, Jessica, Joshua, Matthew, Sean, Saul, Richard, Dave, ScottR, Song
New Action Item List:
1. Richard will review unsorted features and prioritize them.

The current focus of the team:
1. Development for 1.2 release, especially P1 features.
2. Urgent need to help Richard and Saul work on high bugs, fix build issues and get a green build going.
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 point release update - 5 min (Josh)
. 1.0.2, Sent changes to the mailing list. 1759 is blocking the build: recreated, not an autobuilder issue, master works on that machine. Try to have the build ready sometime this week.
. 1.1.1, Matthew proposed some changes. No progress so far.
* Yocto 1.2 planning and M1 Status - 10 min (Song)
2. Wiki Pages Status page, Feature/Task Board
3. Focus on 1-2 features/bugs at a time, don't start new ones until you commit the existing one. don't accumulate pull requests. Otherwise, we have to go back to week by week schedule and it may be a headache for all of us.
4. Release Criteria Review
1. Package update should be one of these
2. Any new meta-intel BSPs, give Beth a headsup.
3. Any no-meta-intel BSPs, give Beth a headsup. 3rd party release process, Beth will send it out again.
4. Performance should at least be the same.
5. 100% for update status is the new target.
5. Beth: some failures are occurring on the autobuilder, will look at it. Auto email will be sent to mailing list about autobuilder failures, team members need to look at that proactively. Milestone pull request, pull request cut off time are in Google Calendar.
6. High bug review: 7 high bugs.
7. Rotating Chair to debug autobuilder failures: It's a good, may have impact people's work. Song will think about the procedure.
* Opens - 10 min
* Action item Review - 5 min
1. Song will work with Jiajun to get the QA plan ready for point releases. (Done)
2. Matthew will send out patch recommendations for Yocto 1.1.1 to the mailing list. (Done)
3. Saul will work with the team to complete the planning for the meta core team. (Done)
4. Richard will review unsorted features and prioritize them. (WIP)
5. Song will change 1.2 schedule and extend M1, M3, M4 by one week due to no ELC in April next year. (Done)
6. Song to work with Shanghai team to break epic features into smaller ones. (Done)

* Weekly team sharing (20 min): (Skipped due to the lack of time in this meeting. Sorry about this.)

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