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Jim Abernathy

I thought the idea was to build a recipe for your device that could create the software complete with all the pieces. Certainly, having a list of packages that you need to install via zypper is fine, but I thought that not the concept behind Yocto???
Sorry for the dumb questions.
Jim A

On Mon, Nov 7, 2011 at 5:04 PM, Gary Thomas <gary@...> wrote:

On 2011-11-07 14:59, James Abernathy wrote:
I approach embedded Linux from a path of taking a Distro like Ubuntu or Fedora and chopping it down to a working set of code that forms the final solution.  Obviously, not the same
methology as Yocto.  With some success with the current methods, it's difficult to see the advantages of Yocto.  I'm reading what I can find to get smarting on Yocto, but like most
new concepts, you try to compare what you used to do with how to do it with the new concept.
For example, if I use a distro, I can install packages really simply with yum or apt-get; update them the same way. If I start with a Yocto meta-??? that's closest to my hardware
solution, and get it working at a base level, how do I add things, like browsers, or other application?

Using very similar tools - zypper is just like yum, or if
you choose to use ipk packages, opkg

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