[RFC] Milestone Pull Request Deadlines.

Flanagan, Elizabeth <elizabeth.flanagan@...>


Here is my tentative plan for the upcoming cut off times for 1.2
milestone releases. Working backwards from when the buildout needs to
be delivered to QA:

Milestone Build Finished and Delivered to QA
Portland, OR: Wed 6:00 PM
Shanghai: Thu 10:00 AM
New York: Wed 9:00 PM
London: Thu 2:00 AM

Milestone Build Started.
All Pull Requests Merged to Milestone Branch
Portland, OR: Wed 7:00 AM
Shanghai: Wed 11:00 PM
New York: Wed 10:00 AM
London: Wed 3:00 PM

Pull Requests Posted to the list
Portland, OR: Sun Midnight
Shanghai: Mon 4:00 PM
New York: Mon 3:00 AM
London: Mon 8:00 AM

You'll notice that there is a slight change to the pull request cut
off time. This is so we give RP time to do code review prior to merge
into the release branch. It also allows sgw and I a few shots at MUT
builds before the merge so we can be assured of a good build. The
prior pain points tended to be around the amount of time needed for
code review/test builds. This gives us an extra day and a half to
ensure that we'll have a successful buildout for QA.

A full calendar update is in the works to incorporate these dates. Let
me know if you have any issues/concerns/comments.

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
Build and Release

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