Re: update mechanisms

Patrick Ohly

On Mon, 2016-12-12 at 08:59 -0600, Mariano Lopez wrote:
In particular the "complexity" column is a bit subjective. Stefano, I
hope you don't mind that I did not quite buy the "easy to use"
characterization of swupdate ;-)
No worry...and I have not written myself. It was inserted by Mariano, so
it looks like that swupdate at least for Mariano is "easy to use".
I think it is correct to point out that customization is required.
Compared to other update mechanism that I tested it was the easier to
Which "getting started" document or presentation were you using? The
documentation for mender ( is very
straight-forward (partly of course because it doesn't need to cover many
variations), while for swupdate
( I found it less clear
how to begin.

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