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Bryan Evenson


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I tried a few other things, see below.

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I'm on poky/dizzy and I'm getting a segementation fault in my application
that I think may be related to a buffer overflow. I'm using the Eclipse
(on Eclipse Kepler) to debug on the hardware with GDB. I'm trying to
reverse debugging but I have not had any success and I'm looking for

My target processor is an SAM9G25 (ARM926EJ-S core). I have been able
debug through Eclipse on the target hardware without issue. I tried
Reverse Debugging by going to Window->Customize Perspective...-
Command Groups Availability and selecting "Reverse Debugging". Now
there is a "Reverse Toggle" button on my toolbar, but it is always grayed
whether I have a debug session running or not. I have also tried entering
command "record" from the GDB console after my program breaks at
When I run the program, I get the error message "Process record: failed
record execution log".
I tried first running my application, pausing the debugger and then sending
the "record" command. When I continued debugging, I got the following
GDB error:

7.7.1/gdb/utils.c:1073: internal-error: virtual memory exhausted.
A problem internal to GDB has been detected,
further debugging may prove unreliable.

I did some looking around and I couldn't see any reasonable answer to why
this would happen. I also just noticed that for the Debug Configurations
under Eclipse, the debugger settings tab doesn't have "Enable Reverse
Debugging at startup" option listed for the C/C++ Remote Application
debugging type. Is this option just not available to me with my environment?

This could mean many things but one area I know is troublesome is
python support. Sometimes there are issues between
fundamental types, can you check if the error happens when gdb is
running some pythonic stuff.
Could you explain how to do this? I don't use Python so I'm not sure if I'm doing a valid test. I tried to debug a Python script with GDB through Eclipse and I wasn't successful. I then went through the command line and was able to remotely run a simple Python script (print "Hello, Python" once per second) through GDB. If I issued a "record" command through GDB first, then when I tried to debug the Python script I'd immediately get a segmentation fault.

Is there something specific you'd like me to try? If you think the Python support may be the issue, is there something I should be verifying is present or is at a certain version?


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