Re: Build error while following Appendix A. Yocto Project Development manual

Jim Abernathy

Second, I looked at your cat of the same file containing the SRCREV
commit strings and I don't see that they agree with the commits on the
website even just this morning. Can you explain that? Should I just use
the ones in your cat output or eventually the corrected Dev. Manual?
I got these commits from the kernel .bb and .bbappends captured in the
edison branch, as mentioened above.

That's a lot clearer now. So does this mean that If I'm working with
edison branch, should I have to change the commits strings at all???

Because the commit strings from your cat'ing of the your file don't
agree with what is in my clone of the edison branch for poky or
meta-intel. Or am I missing something else (likely).

Jim A

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