Re: is there a filesystem issue with kernel 3.0.x on pandaboards?

Robert P. J. Day

On Mon, 31 Oct 2011, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 29 okt. 2011, om 15:19 heeft Robert P. J. Day het volgende geschreven:

possibly off-topic but i'm sitting in a fedora/ARM talk right
this minute at FSOSS/linuxfest at york u, and the presenter
mentioned that when building fedora for pandaboards, they had to
back off from kernel 3.0.4 to 2.6.35 because, in that situation,
the filesystem had a bad habit of switching unpredictably into
read-only mode.

is this a known issue in any yocto context? again, sorry if this
is wandering far afield but yocto on a pandaboard was at the top
of my TODO list for this coming week.
I'm not seeing that problem on the pandaboard that's running 3.0.x
and angstrom. The default in angstrom/meta-ti is 2.6.35 due to
multimedia acceleration madness.
i wish i had more info on this. the topic came up when i was
chatting with the people who run the fedora arm farm at seneca
college, so they're pretty knowledgeable. the symptom was that after
they installed a fedora ARM build with a 3.0.x kernel on their
pandaboards, when they started pounding on them with massive writes to
the root filesystem, on a regular basis, the root filesystem would
suddenly switch to read-only mode. when they backed off to a 2.6.35
kernel, all was good.

if i hear more and it sounds relevant, i'll post here.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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