Re: where does that "50G" disk space figure come from in QS guide?

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Dear Robert,

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QS guide suggests build process using sato will use about 50G of
disk space. where does that figure come from? i just did a configure
and build of core-image-sato for beagleboard on my 64-bit ubuntu 11.10
system and it cost me about 3.5G for the tarball download directory,
and just under 28G for the entire build directory. so where does 50G
come from? and that was *without* economizing using "INHERIT +=
After building core-image-sato-sdk, core-image-qte-sdk,
meta-toolchain-sdk, and meta-toolchain-qte I see 70G used...

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The software required `Windows 95 or better', so I installed Linux.

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