any objection to adding a PREMIRRORS section to the QS guide?

Robert P. J. Day

perhaps outside the scope of QS, but might it be worth adding a
short section on appending something like this to one's local.conf
file before starting the download?

PREMIRRORS_prepend = "\
git://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n \
svn://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n \
cvs://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n \
ftp://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n \
http://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n \
https://.*/.* file:///home/rpjday/dl/ \n"

the rationale is that, like myself, a number of people could be
coming to yocto from OE and already have a sizable downloads directory
somewhere on their system that they want to take advantage of and,
with the above, if my downloads directory is up to date, i end up not
having to download a single tarball from the net.

thoughts? is the above relatively complete or is there anything
else i would want to add to that variable? and, again, is it worth
adding a side reference to that for people who could take advantage
of it?



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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