Re: building and using yocto 1.1

Joshua Lock <josh@...>

On 28/10/11 09:39, Xianghua Xiao wrote:
I do want to point out that:
1.1 is 12 hours while 1.0 was 8 hours, using the same machine on the
same network, not sure why.
input under sato does not work, it's showing some non-English letters
while i type.
The build time issue is known, we're doing more work (building more
things) in 1.1 - however, reducing build time is a primary goal and I
expect there to be a reduction in build time by the time 1.2 is released.

Could you file a bug for your input issue? That way it's more likely
that someone with the appropriate skill set will be made aware of it.

Joshua Lock
Yocto Project "Johannes factotum"
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