Re: Yocto Readiness Review Meeting

Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@...>

On 10/19/10 5:13 PM, Saul Wold wrote:

David, Kevin, Paul, Richard:

As discussed in the project sync we need to do a readiness review to
look at the current state of the release with regards to existing open
bugs, QA testing, and general sanity of the release.

The best time for this would be Thursday morning at 11:00, could the
folks on the "To:" line please respond with your availablity to meet at
this time. We need to do it in the morning to enable Richard to attend
at a "reasonable" hour.

Thursday Oct 21, 2010 11:00AM
Where: 916-356-2663, 8-356-2663 Bridge 92 / 3302969
11am Pacific should work.. I have a short meeting somewhere between 2 and 6 EDT... (or 10 and 2 Pacific).. Hopefully this won't interfere.. (sorry I don't have details beyond that wide range.. but it's supposed to be 15 minutes or less) :P



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