Re: Mounting USB drives on a "read-only-rootfs" based system

Richard Leitner

you can adjust the mount behaviour for example in your udev mount script
(if you use udev).

If you have a fixed name/mountpoint for your media you can pre-create
that folder (for example /media/data-logging) and let udev's
mount media which matches your criteria to that path.

kind regards,

On 06/13/2016 11:22 PM, Jeffrey D Boyer wrote:

New to the list here, so I’m sorry if this question has been asked
before, but I couldn’t find a direct answer to it.

I have a yocto image that was built using the following bb script line:
IMAGE_FEATURES += " read-only-rootfs".

As this image eventually resides on a static flash device, it must be
read-only. However, the system hardware supports removable media (SD
card and USB drives), and I’d like to be able to mount and write to
those removable drives / partitions for data logging purposes. What
needs to be done in order to make the /media directory auto-mountable
when a “read-only” image is specified by the build script?


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