Re: [psplash][PATCH] Add fbdev option to set the proper /dev/fbX.

Richard Leitner

Hi Julien,

On 05/30/2016 11:55 PM, Julien Gueytat wrote:

For FBDEV, I have been told on #yocto that the FBENV variable is kind of
useless at least for the startup as the environment is not read yet.
This why I replaced it. But I will let it available in the next patch if
this is what should be done.
Ok, sorry I didn't knew that. In that case you can of course remove that
"feature". But please add this description somewhere to the commit text
or create a separate patch for it. So that everybody can understand why
it was removed (also in the future).

For the psplash documentation, I did not find any. Where am I supposed
to complete it?
I just took a second look at your patch and saw that you've added the
option to the "Usage text". This should be enough. Sorry that I didn't
see it the first time! :-(

Unfortunately there is no "real" documentation for psplash AFAIK...

Thanks for pointing out that a patch should serve a single purpose. I
will correct the indentation in a separate commit.

Furthermore please add yourself to the AUTHORS file and add a short
description to the ChangeLog when re-sending the patch(es).

Thank you!

kind regards,

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