Minutes: Yocto Technical Team Meeting - (Tuesday, October 04, 2011 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada))

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

 Saul, Darren, Tom, Matthew, Jessica, Scott, Richard, Josh, Jeff, Beth, Mark, Dave, Song
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.1 M4 status review and issues - 15 min (team) https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Project_v1.1_Release_Criteria#Milestone_
- All release criteria are ready or on track for the release except waiting for QA to start testing on RC4.
- Tom found one BSP problem over the weekend, already have patch. Tom and Richard will investigate. If it's not happening on autobuilder, then it may not be a problem. Tom will follow up.
- 24 patches upstreamed last quarter
- Document on track, URL questions.
- Build status (Beth):
. Everything seems green so far, we are in a good position for RC4. Nothing is blocking our RC4 build at this point.
. Richard has taken all patches to the Edison branch.
. Multi-lib is a weak area, need more stress testing, need help from the team since Richard may not have enough time for this.
- Release schedule and contingency plan:
. We will start RC4 this Wednesday, should have RC4 this Thursday. QA team will be back this Saturday (Beijing time) to start testing on RC4. (If RC4 goes bad, we will have RC5 in the following week)
* Opens - 10 min
. Grub (Saul/Darren): install have grub 2 installed, but it has a .list file in grub 1 format. This happens only on n450. It's good to see Atom-PC since they are similar. Saul will redo the build for these 2. worst case use grub 1. Darren will try to debug, we at least need to understand the root cause of this. Saul will help Darren on this.
. State Cache on autobuilder, (Matthew): where I can look at the information about state cache? Would like to compare with what Matthew is doing at Freescale. Changing directories/machines, wondering if Yocto team has the same thing. Is there other machines using cache published by the master machines? (RP)Different machines share the same state cache. We are not going back to check duplication. Follow up email reusing email. Matthew is really interested in what we are doing for protecting cache. The cache is really important for Matthew's work at Freescale. (RP) We have 1.2 features related to shared state.
. URL (Scott): Looking for a response to his email. RP is good with the change.

* Weekly team sharing (30 min)
Mark: last week attended the ELC conference on the east coast. Had a presentation on Yocto introduction. 120 people showed up, very well received. 400-500 people in the conference.
Jeff: Nothing today
Josh: working on the same thing as last week, video, HOB.
Richard: doing patch review, 1.2 feature list, migrating them into bugzilla, sort through wiki page for 1.2.
Scott: last week mostly manuals. First path multi-lib section, implemented RP's changes on that. BSP manual, ADT manual. As many examples as I can. This Wednesday send pull request for docs
Jessica: working on internal Intel tools, finalize some loose items. Starting some research for 1.2 release features for ADT and Eclipse plug-in.
Matthew: shared state, already covered in the open.
Tom: Same thing as last week, Meta-intel BSPs. have the patch for ISO problem. Doc, BSP review will continue.
Darren: mostly working on minimal image size and boot time. Putting together the tiny image layer. But build untested. This week first fix the Grub issue, continue on the tiny image layer.
Saul: Working on the release 1.1. Will help Tom and Darren with Grub things. Complete the release this week.

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