Minutes: Yocto Project 1.1 release go/no-go meeting

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Beth, Josh, Scott Rifenbark, Richard, Mark, Dirk, Saul, John Cherry, Dave, Darren, Song
* Background:
Linux Foundation security breach knocked out our access to build and repos servers for a few days. We were also upgrading autobuilder at the time and we had some issues with the upgrade also. So we have to delay our release. We have brought the release date change recommendation to the Yocto CCB (Change Control Board), and the board has approved the change. The new release date is Oct 17th. (Our QA team in Shanghai has a national holiday from Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th). So the purpose of this meeting is to go over things we are going to put in RC4, and come up with a contingency plan if RC4 fails our release standard.
* RC3 status: Mostly green, Some HOB and mutilib issues, fixes for HOB and multilib,
* What fixes are being recommended to include in RC4:
- HOB fixes
- Small kernel update, fix some configuration issues,
- Multi-lib issues: most of them are low risk, one invasive change, but we will test it this week
- QA team (Shanghai) is on a 7-day holiday. We have time to test these fixes before QA next week
- We already have the patches in edison contrib branch, other than the x qt3 issues, our build is green
- X32 recipe kernel.org URL issue, blocking X32 test, recommend include
- Fixes for 1523/1533, already in master, recommend to include
* Action item: Triage team will review all open bugs and work out a list of items we will document in 1.1 release note.
* Contingency plan:
- IF RC4 has some serious issues, we have 2 options, one is to go back to RC3, the other is to have another RC5. We will have one week before ELCE after Oct. 17th and our mirror sites are still down.
- The team agrees that we should go with RC5 for contingency.

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