Re: World Package List

Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@...>

2010/11/6 Saul Wold <>:

Please find enclosed the annotated list of recipes that are not currently
built as part of any task or image. There are a some basic options that
could occur with these recipes, do nothing, move the recipe to a layer, or
add the recipe to an existing image. The notes indicate a number of
different options for the recipes that we chose.

The major changes to recipes are to moving them  to meta-extras,
meta-demoapps or meta-m2. Meta-extras is a location that will ultimately be
deprecated, meta-demoapps is a staging area for further review and items
that are more vertical oriented recipes.

Additional notes such as LSB or gmae SDK would move into those tasks or
images as appropriate. There are additional notes which will be used for
future discussion.

Please review the attached list and provide feedback.

I suggest to keep at least libexif, libsndfile1, libsamplerate0,
taglib and the gupnp* packages (and probably also alsa-tools)
The lib things are used by mythtv, a package that I maintain in OE,
and eventually I would like to contribute that recipe to yocto.
gupnp* is probably required for my media server project (which could
be an additional overlay).
As far as the location of the files, I have no opinion.


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