Minutes: Yocto Technical Team Meeting - (Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada))

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Beth, Paul, Jessica, ScottR, Jeff, Matthew, Josh, Richard, Tom, Saul, Darren, Song, Bruce
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto 1.1 M4 status review and issues - 15 min (team) https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Project_v1.1_Release_Criteria#Milestone_
- Bug fixing summary and issues (Song):
. We started M4 with about 100 bugs targeted for 1.1 and we planned to fix most of those. By today, the number of bugs for 1.1 have doubled to about 200. and we have fixed about 170 of those bugs. So for fixing Medium+ bugs, we are doing pretty well.
. For the rest of M4 bug fixing, we will be selective on which fixes go into RC4. We should find the problem, identify the solution and then evaluate the benefit and risk before we decide if the bug fix can go into RC4.
. 1523, 1532: Saul, will be fixed in a couple of days.
. 1496/1497/1498/1527: Richard, working on the fix, some of them already have patches to be reviewed. Some of these are resulted from testcases for non main path usage model and corner cases.
. 1443: special usage case problem for prelink. Should consider downgrade.
. 1489: Jessica, not a showstopper. Should consider to downgrade.
- Build status and QA (Beth/Song)
. Everything in Edison branch is building fine. All green but Crowbay
ADT toolchain and installer is done.
- Release schedule (Song) RC4 starts on Oct. 5th.
. Have all docs into Edison branch by Oct. 6th.
* Opens - 10 min
. Prelink on 64 bit: Matthew will open a new bug for the problem he found. Mark will likely be the owner
. Remind 1.2 planning: process is in full swing. We are waiting on two things to happen before we do team planning: 1. Dave and Richard sync on 1.2 theme and feature set. 2. Sync with stakeholders on process improvement moving forward.
. Darren: Machine_essential: None of the 4 options cause the package to be included in the image. Is this a problem or user error? Shall we fix it for 1.1. Richard will respond in the email about this issue and work with Darren offline.
* Weekly team sharing (30 min)
Bruce: doing bug triage, consulting on kernel bugs, looking at 3.1 kernels. Planning for next Yocto release. Linux libc header package upgrade. Getting a decent mirror for 3.04. (Master is ok to upgrade kernel version, but not the Edison branch).
Darren: debugging on some serial port issues on upcoming BSP, working on minimal boot. Some patches sent to kernel mailing list. Main blockers are mostly internal things such as hardware availability. A few things I could farm out. Anyone can help? (some packaging issues) Paul volunteered to help.
Saul: working to get the release done, blockers: my own getting through these bugs. Consolidate pulls again for master, not Edison. Do a basic build first before send out batch pull request.
Tom: Get Emanlow moved to 3.0. always one BSP gets in trouble when we move the kernel. BSP reviews. Seems to be a good time clean up some of the config issues. Going through emanlow, crownbay configures. But this is not for 1.1. Working on bugs at the same time. Continue all that staff this week
Richard: In china last week, working with the team there, doing training, brainstorming, discussing 1.2 features. Did some stability work on autobuider. Some work on openembedded, did some work on QA warnings. Next week focus on the release, go through some release bugs, work with Dongxiao on multi-lib fixes.
Josh: Worked bug fixing last week, worked on video together, continue bug fixing video this week.
Matthew: Doing some ppc64 staff, state cache. Not affecting release. Would not make a demand to fix the ppc64 prelink problem for Yocto 1.1. Freescale's work will be based on 1.1 though.
Jeff: Not much on yocto side, working on wrs linux.
Scott: last week worked with Jessica to create the ADT video. Completed the ADT manual. Done work on user feedback, especially from Paul. This week to complete the HOB video. Wrap up all bugs and changes before next week starts. Lots of things to do. But will make the Oct. 6th date for doc freeze.
Jessica: Debugging with lianghao on 1489, screen cast, initial video for ADT video. Worked with Beth on ADT repo. Planning working on intel tools. Post 1.1 features, etc.
Paul: Doing bug fixes for the release. Helping Scott for the documentation. Working on distro list, not much feedback on that from the community. A short list. Next to help Darren. Look at some QT patches and respond.
Beth: last week spent time getting RC3 out, fixing autobuilder issues. Next week, get release together for RC4 for 1.1. For Oct./Nov. taking every Friday off.
Shanghai Team: Shane is on vacation. Pretty much everyone was having meetings with Dave and Richard on training, brainstorming, and other things.

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