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Lu, Lianhao <>

Hi Jack,

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On 23/09/2011 15:02, Jack Mitchell wrote:
I am trying to get the latest plugin working with Eclipse Indigo and
have followed the instructions listed here:

The instructions all work fine until I point Eclipse to a local git
clone of the EclipsePlugin directory. When I try to install the plugin
I recieve this error message:

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could
not be found.
Software being installed: Yocto Plugin for Eclipse 1.1.0.qualifier
( 1.1.0.qualifier)
Missing requirement: Yocto Plugin for Eclipse 1.1.0.qualifier
( 1.1.0.qualifier) requires
' 0.0.0' but it could not be found

Could anyone shed any light on the situation?
How did you build out the plugin? You many try out using the scripts/ to build the 1.1M4 plugin upon your own Indigo.
ECLIPSE_HOME=<dir where you installed your Indigo> scripts/ 1.1M4 <your release name>
You should find the file org.yocto.sdk-<your release name>-<date> after a successful build. Please try install that archive zip file and see if it works.

Ok, I managed to get it installed by adding the 1.0 repository so that it could
find the'group' it was looking for. When installed I then tried to alter the
preferences and promtly recieved this message:
Do you mean you installed the 1.0 plugin? I don't think 1.0 plugin would work with Indigo.

Unable to create the selected preference page.


If I try to create a project using the yocto plugin it throws a nullPointer error -
am I missing something here or are there still issues to be ironed out on the
new 1.1 git?

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