How to enable php5 ( support for postgresql


Hi all!

I´m new to yocto recipes and never posted to this mail list.

I´m trying to include postgresql PDO in PHP.

Something like what is informed using ./configure --help in php source:

-with-pdo-pgsql[=DIR]    PDO: PostgreSQL support

My recipe file is  and here are some default config lines: 

PACKAGECONFIG[mysql] = "--with-mysql=${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}${prefix} \
                        --with-mysqli=${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}/mysql_config \
                        --with-pdo-mysql=${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}/mysql_config \
                        ,--without-mysql --without-mysqli --without-pdo-mysql \

PACKAGECONFIG[sqlite3] = "--with-sqlite3=${STAGING_LIBDIR}/.. \
                          --with-pdo-sqlite=${STAGING_LIBDIR}/.. \
                          , \
PACKAGECONFIG[pgsql] = "--with-pgsql=${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}${exec_prefix},--without-pgsql,postgresql"

Could somebody tell me how to configure this recipe?

Best regards

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