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Bryan Evenson



In my opinion, I think in the long term it would be easier to make a clean break.  Start with a recent branch, like Jethro, get a minimal image to build for your hardware and then add your own layer with your proprietary recipes.  I think that will be a lot easier than trying to get oe-core working with 5+ year old versions of gcc and eglibc.  Yes, that would mean additional testing, but it may be less testing/integration than you are currently doing just trying to keep your current image maintained.





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Hello folks,



I'm in a project that uses openembedded-classic and Arago stuff to build the product's image.

A lot of problems have been raised in relation to build time, dependencies handling, integrating new recipes, recipes tweaks etc.


We are evaluating the possibility to migrate to Yocto Project (Openembedded Core). But some requirements MUST be met:

  • eglibc (2.12), gcc (4.5.3), u-boot, kernel and other packages versions must have be maintained. We cannot update it versions since this product is in the field for a couple of years and it was heavily tested and certified.


I read some guidelines[1][2], but my main concern is if I'm going into a "can of worms", as most packages dating from 2011 and I do not know how much the OpenEmbedded-core is "coupled" to glibc and gcc versions, for example.



I think the ideal scenario is to use the most recent Yocto version and have all nice features available. Perhaps to achieve this I have to migrate first to "2011-1" branch of openembedded-core and have all packages versions and custom modifications ported to the new openembedded platform and then migrate to the a newer version.




I really appreciate if you guys have some thoughts, tips or some kind of information that can help me to take this decision and move forward.








Diego Sueiro

Administrator of Embarcados

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