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On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 02:15:05PM +0000, Bryan Evenson wrote:

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On Wed, Dec 09, 2015 at 08:19:40PM +0000, Bryan Evenson wrote:

I'm on poky/dizzy-1.7.3 and I'm using opkg for a package manager. I have a
few script files that are part of one package that really belong with another.
So I updated both recipes, removed the file from one recipe and added it to
the other recipe. I built everything, made the opkg feed repo and tried to
upgrade with "opkg update; opkg upgrade" to see how clean the upgrade
was. For each script file I moved from one package to the other I get an error
message of the form:

* check_data_file_clashes: Package A wants to install file
But that file is already provided by package * B

I know I can do "opkg upgrade --force-overwrite", but I'd like to make
recipe changes so that it upgrades cleanly. All I've done in the recipes is
remove the script files from the FILES variable and the do_install step of one
recipe and added the script to the FILES variable and do_install step of the
other recipe. I know update-alternatives can be used if more than one
package provides the same binary, but is that necessary in this case when
transferring ownership to another package? Is there anything else I can do in
the recipes to prevent the opkg install errors?

Have you tried to set
RREPLACES_<pkg-new> = "<pkg-old>"
I haven't tried that because I'm not replacing a package. Both packages still exist on the system and are both needed, it's just that ownership of one of the files is being transferred from one package to another. Would I still use RREPLACES even if I want to keep both packages on the system?

Specifically in this case, I have some script files for scheduled tasks that were part of one of my self-made packages. However, they really belong with cronie since this is what is calling the scripts. So I removed the script files from my self-made package and added them to cronie. My package has other files still associated with it (that do belong with it) installed on my system. So I want to keep both packages on my system, but I just want to change ownership of these script files from my package to cronie. Is RREPLACES the tool for this job?
Is RREPLACES the tool for this job?
Yes, see

opkg should work the same.

If the old package should be removed completely during opkg upgrade, then
you'll need to set whole combo, that is RREPLACES,RCONFLICTS,RPROVIDES.
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