Cleanly moving files from one package to another

Bryan Evenson


I'm on poky/dizzy-1.7.3 and I'm using opkg for a package manager. I have a few script files that are part of one package that really belong with another. So I updated both recipes, removed the file from one recipe and added it to the other recipe. I built everything, made the opkg feed repo and tried to upgrade with "opkg update; opkg upgrade" to see how clean the upgrade was. For each script file I moved from one package to the other I get an error message of the form:

* check_data_file_clashes: Package A wants to install file /path/to/script/file
But that file is already provided by package * B

I know I can do "opkg upgrade --force-overwrite", but I'd like to make recipe changes so that it upgrades cleanly. All I've done in the recipes is remove the script files from the FILES variable and the do_install step of one recipe and added the script to the FILES variable and do_install step of the other recipe. I know update-alternatives can be used if more than one package provides the same binary, but is that necessary in this case when transferring ownership to another package? Is there anything else I can do in the recipes to prevent the opkg install errors?


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