Image specific package feed sources

Bryan Evenson


I'm on poky/dizzy-1.7.3 and I'm having some conflict when creating image specific packages. I have two separate images that I build. One image is the production-ready image and the other is a development image. The development image includes the -dbg versions of packages and all the tools for remote debugging. I am using opkg for a package manager and I have my own feed-config package (called "custom-feed-config") which contains the opkg configuraiton files describing the package source locations. I am trying to create a custom-feed-config-dev package which contains a different path to the package sources for the development image. However, I'm getting conflicts during the build because custom-feed-config and custom-feed-config-dev both provide the same files (the configuration file names are the same, they just have different content to point to the different package source locations). In an effort to resolve these conflicts I set "PROVIDES = "custom-feed-config"" in custom-feed-config-dev. But now I'm getting warnings to specify a PREFERRED_PROVIDER for custom-feed-config because there are two providers for custom-feed-config. I've tried setting the PREFERRED_PROVIDER in the image recipe but that didn't help.

So I want to be able to build both my production-ready and development images on the same build machine but let each image have its own separate opkg feed sources included in the image. If any of you have done this for your build systems, can you share how you did this?


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