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I want to provide an SDK to the app developers that is a self contained
installation. The ADT looked like just the thing except I don't want to have to
setup an ADT Repo. I would like it to include:

The cross development toolchain.

The target sysroot to build against. I would like them to be able to
dynamically link and statically link against everything in the Image.

They may want to develop kernel modules so I would want the kernel
header files etc in the target sysroot.

The Eclipse IDE Yocto plug-in or another way of using Eclipse to build and
debug for the target.
I Would also like to use things like the LTTNG and Valgrind integration in

QEMU would be a nice to have and with integration into Eclipse.

I have my own distro and image files which aren't a million miles away from
poky and core-image-minimal :)

From what I've read I think the best thing for me to do is

bitbake my-image -cpopulate_sdk

which gives my an installer for the toolchain, target sysroot and qemu (I
You need to make sure your image includes the features for debugging. If you have an image that is based upon core-image-minimal, the image will be missing some features and you'll never be able to debug an application through Eclipse or use Lttng.

I'd suggest making a development image recipe (i.e. "") based on your image with the following changes:
1. Add "dev-pkgs eclipse-debug" to IMAGE_FEATURES
2. Add a "-dbg" package to IMAGE_INSTALL for each userspace application you are writing which you plan to debug with GDB.
3. Add "gdbserver" to IMAGE_INSTALL for GDB support.
4. Add "lttng-tools lttng-modules lttng-ust" to IMAGE_INSTALL for Lttng support.

Once you've built and verified the new image runs on your hardware, I'd then create the SDK as you described above. I don't use QEMU so I can't speak to whether that gets included in the SDK or not. But, if you have a developer that isn't responsible for building the whole image and just wants to build and debug their userspace application, the SDK and resulting sysroot should be all the pieces they need on their development machine.


Then get them to install the Eclipse plugin by following the instructions from

Just want to check I'm on the right path and there's not another better way.

Many Thanks,


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