Re: Meta layer for Cavium CNS3xxx ARM processor

Armin Kuster


On 10/21/2015 05:58 AM, Bipnesh, Abhinav (Abhinav) wrote:

I didn't find a match for Cavium CNS3412.
Is there an equivalent machine which use below flags for building up binaries.

-march=armv6k -Wl,-z,max-page-size=0x10000,-z,common-page-size=0x10000,-Ttext-segment=0x10000
Not sure about those specific parameters but you may want to check
meta-arago and meta-eldk, those to list armv6 support. Its a start.

- armin


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I am looking for an meta layer which provide support for Cavium CNS3xxx
SOC as need to build some application on that platform. Below is the
output from the board when I check for the release and CPU information

$ cat /etc/*release
MontaVista Linux 6, (.dev-snapshot-20130726)

$ cat /proc/cpuinfoProcessor : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 4
(v6l)BogoMIPS : 279.34Features : swp half thumb fastmult
vfp edsp javaCPU implementer : 0x41CPU architecture: 7CPU variant :
0x0CPU part : 0xb02CPU revision : 4 Hardware : Cavium
Networks CNS3420 Validation BoardRevision : 0000Serial :

So is there any meta layer which supports above SOC.
You can find out about such things in the layer index:

Make sure to select the correct branch on the left side of the menu.




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