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Hi Lianhao

         Thanks for your help ! I use a image built myself without tcf-agent. After added tcf-agent, eclipse can connect to it.

New trouble come immediately, some package  are still missed. Now I go to resolve it.


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Hi Feye,


Which target image did you use? ADT requires tcf-agent(which is included in the core-image-sato-sdk image default) running on the target machine for communication between host and target. So please make sure the tcf-agent is running on the target machine.


To delete the connection, please switch to the RSE perspective by clicking the menu entry “Window”->”Open Perspective”->”Other…”->”Remote System Explorer”->”OK”. You’ll find all the coneections in the view named “Remote Systems” on the left side of your workbench.


Using the RSE perspecitve, you may also detect whether tcf-agent is running on the target by trying to launch a terminal to the target.


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         At the step  “4.6. Deploying and Debugging the Application” of Application Development Toolkit (ADT) User's Guide ,I encounter a problem that debug process can’t connect to QEMU. The picture of problem as follow:



         Another trouble I don’t know how to delete a connection and change id-password of one connection.









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