[meta-security][PATCH 3/3] suricata: update to version 2.0.9

Armin Kuster


Bug #1558: stream: retransmission not detected (2.0.x)
Bug #1550: Segmentation Fault at detect-engine-content-inspection.c:438
Bug #1564: defrag: evasion issue
Bug #1431: stream: last_ack update issue leading to stream gaps (2.0.x)
Bug #1483: 2.0.x backport: Leading whitespace in flowbits variable names
Bug #1490: http_host payload validation erroring on uppercase PCRE
Bug #1501: 2.0.x backport: Add HUP coverage to output json-log
Bug #1510: 2.0.x: address var parsing issue
Bug #1513: stream_size <= and >= modifiers function as < and > (equality
is not functional) (2.0.x)

Signed-off-by: Armin Kuster <akuster808@...>
recipes-security/suricata/{suricata_2.0.8.bb => suricata_2.0.9.bb} | 0
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
rename recipes-security/suricata/{suricata_2.0.8.bb => suricata_2.0.9.bb} (100%)

diff --git a/recipes-security/suricata/suricata_2.0.8.bb b/recipes-security/suricata/suricata_2.0.9.bb
similarity index 100%
rename from recipes-security/suricata/suricata_2.0.8.bb
rename to recipes-security/suricata/suricata_2.0.9.bb

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