Re: Webkit2gtk opengl issue

Trevor Woerner

On 09/23/15 07:53, Mark O'Donovan wrote:
I am working on an am335x based project, with a webkitgtk
program on the screen, displaying a simple webpage.

I want to use a standard yocto kernel, which I believe
means I must do without the SGX hardware acceleration
until an open-source driver is available.
You need to use whatever kernel the accelerated drivers were written
against. Sometimes that can be fairly recent, other times: not so much.

Thus in fido I had added opengl to DISTRO_FEATURES_remove
This worked with webkitgtk 1.x

The webkitgtk 2.x recipe also specifies opengl as optional.
However it depends on gtk+3 which depends on libepoxy
which requires virtual/egl.
For ARM SoCs/boards that have mali (which isn't your case, but is mine),
the user-space binary-only mali drivers PROVIDE egl, so it is possible
for me to build libepoxy with DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "opengl" and the
mali test app and x11 server both build and run correctly.

Is this an oversight??

Is it possible to build webkit 2.x without opengl??
I don't know. But in the mali case it is possible to have mali provide
egl/gles1/gles2 and have mesa-gl provide an opengl-only solution as a
fall-back for any non-egl/gles1/2 apps (or at least theoretically it is).

Hope this helps.

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