Re: Yocto 1.1 Beta Questions

Saul Wold <sgw@...>

On 09/03/2011 11:43 AM, Brian Duffy wrote:
Hi Yocto group. I am new to Yocto. I followed the starters guide and
When running bitbake I get some errors. first it complains that pseudo
is not available but required, and then it complains that bbpath is not
set. What is pseudo? I have sudo installed and setup to work for me, but
I don't know what pseudo is. Also, bitbake was not installed on my fresh
install of Fedora 15 so I installed it through the package manager. I
Which tar ball or git repo did you grab?

You should not have to install bitbake, as it's included as part of the Poky tarball or git repo.

guess that was not included in the packages from the getting started
guide. Where do I set the bbpath? I followed the getting started guide
Did you source the oe-init-build-env (either . ./oe-init-build-env )?

Was a build directory created with a conf directory? That environment initializer should set the BBATH and other envorinment variables.

I am in and out of the #Yocto IRC, so I will try to connect with you there also.


and replaced the appropriate commands with the ones from Davids blog
post for the latest release.



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