Re: bbappend - Where should my file be?

Chris Tapp

On 30 Aug 2011, at 19:07, Richard Purdie wrote:

On Fri, 2011-08-12 at 00:51 +0100, Chris Tapp wrote:
I've got a linux-wrs_git.bbappend file in a layer (under poky laverne
4.0.1) that contains:

WRMACHINE_Vortex86DX = "common_pc"


SRC_URI += " file://defconfig"

Where should the defconfig file be relative to the bbappend?

I've tried:

+--- recipies
+--- linux
+--- linux-wrs_git.bbappend
+--- linux-wrs_git
+--- defconfig

However, my defconfig file isn't being picked up during do_unpack:

cp: cannot stat `/home/chris/yocto/yocto-versions/laverne-4.0.1/meta/
recipes-kernel/linux/files/defconfig': No such file or directory
NOTE: Unpacking /home/chris/yocto/yocto-downloads/ to /home/chris/
NOTE: Unpacking /home/chris/yocto/yocto-versions/laverne-4.0.1/meta/
recipes-kernel/linux/files/defconfig to /home/chris/yocto/mbox-3300-
ERROR: Task failed:

Which seems to show that it's not looking in FILESEXTRAPATHS.

The .bbappend file seems to be processed, as commenting out the
SRC_URI line gets rid of the error.

What have I got wrong?
I've just been looking at the open bug related to this
( and I can't
reproduce an issue with layers ending with -numeric causing a
problem :/.

In the above example,


is the correct path since PN == "linux-wrs". (you had linux-wrs_git).
Could you check whether the layer numeric part is a red herring please
and whether the above path works?
Hi Richard,

Sorry for the delay in looking at this again.

I can't re-create the behaviour here either, though it was repeatable before. However, since then I've made quite a few changes to the recipe and done a complete re-build.

It was also failing with the correct paths - I was trying all sorts of combinations when the correct one wasn't working!

I'll try and do some more testing here (with what I think the recipe was at the time) to see if I can get it to show again. I've only got a slow build machine, so it may take a while ;-)

Chris Tapp


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