kernel src included in core-image

Ed Vidal

Hello All,
I am working on Raspberry Pi 2 B and need the kernel src included.
This is what I currently including on core-image-sato build.

 kernel-dev xterm git \
 jasper gsl gsl-dev python-netserver python-pygtk python-pygtk-dev \
 python-numpy liba52 liba52-dev libmad libmad-dev libmad-staticdev \
 chkconfig v4l-utils python-imaging parted python-distribute \
 python-pyrex python-pexpect gperf tree libav libav-dev \
 x264 x264-dev libav libav-dev opencv opencv-samples cmake \
 opencv-apps python-opencv tcl tk rpi-gpio python-myhdl python-bitstring \
 PyPubSub tar intelhex pyusb argparse pv openjpeg libftdi"
I am working on a fido build
meta-yocto-bsp    = "fido:0f8d89ce66cfffccc9911d6c61470a585173b79d"
meta-raspberrypi  = "fido:7457bf182c8fd550ec877ecd786a3edd16e65495"
meta-oe           = "fido:0f8d89ce66cfffccc9911d6c61470a585173b79d"

I see many rpms in this area
The installed rpm with kernel is 1381.

Thanks in advance.

Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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