Recipes not in poky gtkwave fails on configure depends

Ed Vidal

Hello All
see the
I am working on a few tools for FPGA Development.
This include MyHDL, GTKWAVE, Iverilog, and XSTOOLs.
These tools (MyHDL) lets you create either verilog or VHDL files.
MyHDL also provides Simulation & Co-Simulation of HDL.
MyHDL is Python package, I have already created a recipe that generated an RPM which I installed
on core-image-sato.

I want to thank Gary Thomas and Ross Burton for the help
on the core-image-sato for the RaspBerry Pi 2 B. and getting
the working.

In addition, GTKWAVE provides a Graphical visual of the Signals
used in the Simulation. I installed GTKWAVE from source on a
core-image-sato with (./configure, make and make install).
The core-image-sato had the following apps "kernel-dev xterm git \
 jasper gsl gsl-dev python-netserver python-pygtk python-pygtk-dev \
 python-numpy liba52 liba52-dev libmad libmad-dev libmad-staticdev \
 chkconfig v4l-utils python-imaging parted python-distribute \
 python-pyrex python-pexpect gperf tree libav libav-dev \
 x264 x264-dev libav libav-dev opencv opencv-samples cmake \
 opencv-apps python-opencv tcl tk"
I have a recipe that fectchs gtkwave source
 from sourceforge but fails on
With the following error.
checking for Tcl configuration... configure: error: Can't find Tcl configuration definitions. Use --with-tcl to specify a directory containing
Configure failed. The contents of all config.log files follows to aid debugging
ERROR: oe_runconf failed

XSTOOLs provides the capability to transfer to XulA2 the bit file and to communicate
with the FPGA during the run-time.

Iverilog provides the Co-Simulated to work with MyHDL.

I have installed this from source on the above core-image-sato the has
several apps.

I believe that this would be a great addition to the Yocto effort.
Let me what needs to be done to get this apps into the Yocto framework.
Thanks in advance. 
Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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