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Ed Vidal

Hello All,
On Raspberry Pi target and earlier version of myhdl was getting a
ImportError: No module named py_compile (see py_compile error attached)
Trying to install a python module using the ADT enviornment.
    description="Python as a Hardware Description Language",
    long_description="See home page.",
    author="Jan Decaluwe",
The following are the steps that result in an error using the ADT and Raspberry Pi target.

mkdir build_myhdl
cd build_myhdl/
git clone
cd myhdl/
source /opt/poky/1.8+snapshot/environment-setup-cortexa7hf-vfp-vfpv4-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi
python install
which python

python install
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 3, in <module>
    import ast
ImportError: No module named ast

Thanks in advance.
Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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