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Ed Vidal

Hello all
When I previously created opencv in dylan & dora builds I used the following in my local.conf

LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "commercial_libmad commercial_mpeg2dec commercial_libav commercial_ffmpeg "

With fido the following error is occurring when I add opencv opencv-samples

ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'x264' (but /home/vidal/wkg/yocto/RaspberryPi2/poky/meta/recipes-multimedia/libav/ DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
ERROR: x264 was skipped: because it has a restricted license not whitelisted in LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST
NOTE: Runtime target 'opencv-samples' is unbuildable, removing...
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['opencv-samples', 'opencv', 'libav', 'x264']
ERROR: Required build target 'core-image-sato' has no buildable providers.
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['core-image-sato', 'opencv-samples', 'opencv', 'libav', 'x264']

This is the Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION        = "1.27.1"
BUILD_SYS         = "x86_64-linux"
NATIVELSBSTRING   = "Ubuntu-12.04"
TARGET_SYS        = "arm-poky-linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE           = "raspberrypi2"
DISTRO            = "poky"
DISTRO_VERSION    = "1.8+snapshot-20150725"
TUNE_FEATURES     = "arm armv7a vfp thumb neon callconvention-hard vfpv4 cortexa7"
TARGET_FPU        = "vfp-vfpv4-neon"
meta-yocto-bsp    = "fido:0f8d89ce66cfffccc9911d6c61470a585173b79d"
meta-raspberrypi  = "fido:7457bf182c8fd550ec877ecd786a3edd16e65495"
meta-oe           = "fido:0f8d89ce66cfffccc9911d6c61470a585173b79d"

Is there something else that I must provide for fido?

Thanks in advance.
Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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