raspberry Pi core-image-sato

Ed Vidal

Still having errors with bitbake core-image-sato
This occurs at
| checking for X11... yes
| checking for EGL... no
| configure: error: Package requirements (egl) were not met:
ERROR: Task 4856 (/home/vidal/wkg/yocto/RaspberryPi2/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/libepoxy/libepoxy_git.bb, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'
I tried adding /conf/machine/raspberrypi2.conf which I found on the internet.
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl ?= "vc-graphics-hardfp"
+PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgles2 ?= "vc-graphics-hardfp"
This caused several more errors.
Any and all help is appreciated.
Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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