core-image-sato raspberrypi2

Ed Vidal

Hi all,
I created a rpi-basic-img for RaspberryPi 2 which was created and booted okay. I am using 
meta-yocto-bsp    = "fido:0f8d89ce66cfffccc9911d6c61470a585173b79d"
meta-raspberrypi  = "master:7457bf182c8fd550ec877ecd786a3edd16e65495".

Can the core-image-sato be created for the RaspBerry 2 B?
First i tried bitbake core-image-sato which was getting errors.  Then I bitbake core-image-sato -c fetchall. 
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 626 tasks of which 626 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.

Does this mean that all the depends have been downloaded?

Now when I run  I am missing checking for EGL... no in libepoxy do I need another layer before building core-image-sato?
As always any and all help is appreciated.

Edward Vidal Jr.
e-mail develone@...

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