documentation Makefile seems overly strict WRT "VER" variable

Robert P. J. Day

more pedantry: the documentation Makefile reads:

... The command-line argument VER represents the distro
# version of the Yocto Release for which the manuals are being generated.
# You must invoke the Makefile with the DOC and VER arguments.
# Examples:
# make DOC=bsp-guide VER=1.1
# make DOC=yocto-project-qs VER=1.1
# make pdf DOC=yocto-project-qs VER=1.1

i don't see that setting VER is actually required unless you're
"publish"ing, where VER is clearly necessary for the "scp" operation
to work properly:

cd $(DOC); scp -r $(FIGURES)$(VER)/$(DOC)/figures

would it make sense to back off slightly on that claim that setting
VER is essential for building the docs?



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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