Re: Which is the best strategy to customize Qt configuration?

Elvis Dowson

On Jul 13, 2015, at 22:04, Martin Jansa <martin.jansa@...> wrote:

Will this work if gstreamer gst-plugins-base aren't next to each other

I think good convention is to use:
DEPENDS_remove = "gstreamer"
DEPENDS_remove = "gst-plugins-base"
for it to work even after original DEPENDS in the recipe is re-ordered
or changed.
Shouldn't you be using += instead of =, so that you append to the list:

DEPENDS_remove += "gstreamer"
DEPENDS_remove += "gst-plugins-base"

The earlier line had it in one line, so it was okay:

DEPENDS_remove = "gstreamer gst-plugins-base"


Elvis Dowson

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