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Subject: [yocto] Multiple conncetion to svn (svn+ssh)

Hello again,

I have 12 recipes that download code from same svn repository (using
svn+ssh)protocol. Recipes are grouped in packagegroup.
When I want to bitbake packagegroup fetcher fail, but when I run
recipe alone all is ok. I think it is because I want to open 8
connection to one svn repository.How can I fix this, for example by
allowing only eg. 2 recipes from packagegroup to be executed in paralell.
There is no fetcher-specific variable that I know of, but I think you
can set PARALLEL_MAKE="2" in your recipes to reduce the number of
fetches on your repository at a time. The downside is your build will
go slower when it is building your recipes as it won't be doing as
many things in parallel.
That's not going to help. The parallelism we are talking about here is across
recipes - PARALLEL_MAKE is just passed through to make within one task in
one recipe, and make isn't even involved at the fetch stage.
Sorry, I grabbed the wrong variable. I meant BB_NUMBER_THREADS, not PARALLEL_MAKE.

Something that might work would be to set a lockfile on the do_fetch task
such that only one of the recipes could fetch at once. That could not allow
two executing at once, but at least it would solve the problem. e.g. you could
add this to all of the recipes:

do_fetch[lockfiles] += "${TMPDIR}/mysvnlock.lock"

(The file name isn't critical, it just needs to be the same for all of the recipes
you wish to participate in the exclusive fetching.)
I had no idea that we could do this. I don't see any documentation on lockfiles anywhere.
If you use a lockfile, do the all recipes with the same lockfile wait until the lockfile is available
before continuing on with that step? Is there a timeout for waiting for the lockfile or does
the recipe wait indefinitely?




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