Re: Multiple conncetion to svn (svn+ssh)

Bryan Evenson


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Subject: [yocto] Multiple conncetion to svn (svn+ssh)

Hello again,

I have 12 recipes that download code from same svn repository (using svn+ssh)protocol.
Recipes are grouped in packagegroup.
When I want to bitbake packagegroup fetcher fail, but when I run recipe alone all is ok.
I think it is because I want to open 8 connection to one svn repository.How can I fix this, for example by allowing only eg. 2 recipes from packagegroup to be executed in paralell.
There is no fetcher-specific variable that I know of, but I think you can set PARALLEL_MAKE="2" in your recipes to reduce the number of fetches on your repository at a time. The
downside is your build will go slower when it is building your recipes as it won't be doing as many things in parallel.

Another option may be to change your Subversion server settings, your build machine's SSH settings, or both. If you have control over your Subversion server, you may be able to
change the number of allowed simultaneous connections. See the documentation for your server's Subversion/web hosting/SSH tools to see what your options are. If you don't
have that kind of control over the Subversion server, then maybe you can change your SSH settings on your build machine to extend the login timeout. Again, see your specific
tool's documentation to see how to do this for your build machine.

| DEBUG: Python function base_do_fetch finished
| DEBUG: Python function do_fetch finished
| ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 1, output:
| svn: E210002: Unable to connect to a repository at URL 'svn+ssh://SVN_TAG'
| svn: E210002: To better debug SSH connection problems, remove the -q option from 'ssh' in the [tunnels] section of your Subversion configuration file.
| svn: E210002: Network connection closed unexpectedl

My Yocto version is 1.7.2


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