Re: Problem in running poky-qemu

Scott Garman <scott.a.garman@...>

On 11/10/2010 06:08 PM, sachin kumar wrote:
Dear All:

I am new to qemu, so please excuse me, i am asking basic question.

Actually i want to run linux image for ppc on qemu.

My host machine is running Fedora13.

For that i have downloaded following from yocto project website.

Disk Image: yocto-image-minimal-qemuppc-0.9.rootfs.ext3
Kernel Image : zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin
Toolchain: yocto-eglibc-i586-i586-toolchain-sdk-0.9.tar.bz2

Now toolchain was installed properly.

Now when i am running poky-qemu from command line it is giving following
[root@sachinlinux yocto_tools]# poky-qemu zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin
Set MACHINE to [qemuppc-0] based on kernel [zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin]
In order for this script to dynamically infer paths
to kernels or filesystem images, you either need
bitbake in your PATH or to source poky-init-build-env
before running this script

I am blank about this message, which script they are referring.
Hi Sachin,

When you installed the toolchain tarball (yocto-eglibc-i586-i586-toolchain-sdk-0.9.tar.bz2), it should have created a script /opt/poky/environment-setup-<arch>. That's the one you want to source.

The other issue is that we changed the naming conventions of the kernel and qemu images at the last minute, and the poky-qemu script needs some additional help to figure out which machine architecture you're using and the format of the image. So you need to add "qemuppc" and "ext3" to the list of options to poky-qemu.

$ source /opt/poky/environment-setup-ppc603e-poky-linux
$ poky-qemu qemuppc zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin yocto-image-minimal-qemuppc-0.9.rootfs.ext3 ext3

should get you going.

This needs to get fixed ASAP and I'm going to submit a patch for it tomorrow in master. Thanks for your patience.


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