Re: Problem in running poky-qemu

Zhang, Jessica

Hi Sachin,
First of all, if you want to run ppc, the toolchain you need to download is yocto-eglibc-i586-powerpc-toolchain-sdk-0.9.tar.bz2.  After you install it under /opt/poky, you should go under /opt/poky and source the environment-setup-ppc* and try start qemu again...
Let us know if you still run into issues.

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Dear All:

I am new to qemu, so please excuse me, i am asking basic question.

Actually i want to run linux image for ppc on qemu.

My host machine is running Fedora13.

For that i have downloaded following from yocto project website.

Disk Image: yocto-image-minimal-qemuppc-0.9.rootfs.ext3
Kernel Image : zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin
Toolchain: yocto-eglibc-i586-i586-toolchain-sdk-0.9.tar.bz2

Now toolchain was installed properly.

Now when i am running poky-qemu from command line it is giving following message
[root@sachinlinux yocto_tools]# poky-qemu zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin yocto-image-minimal-qemuppc-0.9.rootfs.ext3
Set MACHINE to [qemuppc-0] based on kernel [zImage-2.6.34-qemuppc-0.9.bin]
In order for this script to dynamically infer paths
to kernels or filesystem images, you either need
bitbake in your PATH or to source poky-init-build-env
before running this script

I am blank about this message, which script they are referring.
Please help me for the same.
This will be a great help for me as i am at critical phase of one of my project.

Kind Regards

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