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Darren Hart <dvhart@...>

On 10/19/2010 02:12 PM, Mark Hatle wrote:
On 10/19/10 4:01 PM, Alex deVries wrote:

On 2010-10-19, at 11:40 AM, Stewart, David C wrote:

** Alex will put the hardware bits together, Darren to write down the description of what needs to come together and wiki-fy it.

Yes, so what I need is something like:

- description
- expected behaviour
- hardware used
- how to build and install the software

... for all four boards. The sooner we have something, the sooner I can start.

Does that make sense, Darren?
Darren (or someone else can correct me.. but what I'm doing now)

Board: RouterStationPro
Purpose: NAS and boot server for other board
- Contains file server for multimedia and other files
- Can serve files via:
- http
http isn't needed. (the DLNA server will mount the files over NFS into its filesystem and Mediatomb runs it's own http server on a special port to server up the files to the media renderers).

- tftp (likely needed if the other boards need to network boot)
- ftp (maybe)
No need.

- Will act as THE authoritation DHCP server for the network of boards
- no DNS on the network (is it needed?)
No DNS needed, runs over multicast, and we can specify the NFS server with a dotted quad.

- From the meta-demo, build the poky-image-nas with the machine target of the
routerstationpro (thats the goal, but there might be some custom config files
in the end.. still working on it)
Perfect. Looks good Mark.

Darren Hart
Embedded Linux Kernel

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