Re: meta-qemu-bsps

Armin Kuster

On 04/17/2015 02:36 PM, Aníbal Limón wrote:
Hi Armin,

I tested the ppc64 with poky master and looks great only a couple of issues,
thanks for trying this.

When is compiling the kernel show this warning related to the config,

WARNING: [kernel config]: specified values did not make it into the
kernel's final

Value requested for CONFIG_FB_DDC not in final ".config"
Requested value: "CONFIG_FB_DDC=y"
Actual value set: "# CONFIG_FB_DDC is not set"

Value requested for CONFIG_MMU_NOTIFIER not in final ".config"
Requested value: "CONFIG_MMU_NOTIFIER=y"
Actual value set: ""

When built core-image-minimal and then tries to load qemu with nographic
it didn't work the graphic mode works ok.
I will have to look into that.


QEMU Starting
Build Date = Apr 30 2013 14:04:00
FW Version = git-8cfdfc43f4c4c8c8
Press "s" to enter Open Firmware.

Populating /vdevice methods
Populating /vdevice/vty@71000000
Populating /vdevice/nvram@71000001

NVRAM: size=65536, fetch=200E, store=200F
Populating /vdevice/v-scsi@71000002
VSCSI: Initializing
VSCSI: Looking for devices
8000000000000000 DISK : "QEMU QEMU HARDDISK 1.6."
8200000000000000 CD-ROM : "QEMU QEMU CD-ROM 1.6."
Populating /pci@800000020000000
Adapters on 0800000020000000
00 0000 (D) : 8086 100e network [ ethernet ]
00 0800 (D) : 1234 1111 qemu vga
00 1000 (D) : 106b 003f serial bus [ usb-ohci ]
No NVRAM common partition, re-initializing...
Installing QEMU fb
Scan USB...
USB Keyboard
USB Mouse
USB Mouse
No console specified using screen & keyboard
Detected RAM kernel at 400000 (f5f180 bytes)
Welcome to Open Firmware

Copyright (c) 2004, 2011 IBM Corporation All rights reserved.
This program and the accompanying materials are made available
under the terms of the BSD License available at

Booting from memory...
Linux ppc64


On 17/04/15 15:45, akuster808 wrote:
Hello all,

I just put together a layer to warehouse miscellaneous qemu machine
support. ppc64 is the there now, working on more. Contributions are



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