Re: Bug Fixer and Verifier

You, Yongkang <>


I think that's okay. But if reporter can ask somebody (who is in bug's cc list) to help verify, that will be greater. And it needs to provide master tree's commit info, when mark the bug to "fixed" stage.

BTW, we also defined the bug should not be marked to "fixed", until it has been included in master tree and built into any formal build. Well, this process is not easy to be manually followed. I noticed Bugzilla 4.0 would be released soon. I am hoping we will have automation bug status changing soon (with required bug fixing info added to patch).


On Wednesday, November 10, 2010 9:19 PM, Yu, Ke wrote:
Hi KangKang,

One case of the bug process need your input. In bug #467, Josh
are both reporter and the one who fix this bug. When he fixed
the bug, as a reporter, he also verify the bug according to the
Bug_Tracking) . I just wonder if it is appropriate that bug fixer and
verifier be the same people?


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