Build available for QA

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A build identified as needing QA has finished on the autobuilder. This
build is located at:

Build hash information:
meta-intel : 53eea4f12311b4808b3af9695ac822eea1fc60c2
meta-fsl-arm : e3cc9452aaa2895bbc8bdd7c8940b4dd2d14213e
meta-minnow : 13a5f2ab84c7284647a3e067a33109c11dae0568
meta-qt3 : 3016129d90b7ac8517a5227d819f10ad417b5b45
meta-fsl-ppc : 4c8cd553f9de56379e2b6502ceb996521e2d6a20
poky : e9fcc570716e68a64f2a17c0e7aa79e1cd758f39

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The Yocto Project Autobuilder
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