Re: Strange USB behavior

Chris Tapp

On 18 Aug 2011, at 22:06, Darren Hart wrote:

I asked Sarah Sharp if she had any thoughts, she responded in part:

One thing I might suspect is a problem with the host controller going
into suspend. I think 2.6.34 didn't have support for USB suspend for
mass storage devices, so booting with a mass storage device would keep
the USB host controller from going into suspend. This would also be
true of mice, since they did support suspend in 2.6.34, but it was
disabled by default.

Does it help if he disables USB device suspend in the kernel config?
I'll give it a try (will be a while as I've moved to the 5.0.1 release and the build has just started!).

Thanks for the suggestion :-)

Chris Tapp


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