Re: eclipse-poky: Can't build from Eclipse, but command line build works

Bryan Evenson


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This is a different error. There seems to be a mismatch between your
toolchain and rootfs. Could you please share the full name of

my_built_image.tar.gz from

runqemu-extract-sdk <my_built_image.tar.gz>
I have been able to get things to build, but not exactly in a suggested
manner. I copied the entire target sysroot directory
(~/poky/poky_build/tmp/sysroots/at91sam9x5ek) to the previously
mentioned sysroot destination directory. I re-ran "bitbake meta-ide-
support" just to ensure I had a clean copy. I then modified the
SDKTARGETSYSROOT to point to my copied sysroot location. With this setup,
I was able to get the project to build from Eclipse. It's working, but it's a little
ugly getting there.
core-image-minimal builds a very small image, which doesn't have all
headers and libraries required to link even a simple binary

So I'm assuming I'm starting at the wrong point for the sysroot to extract.
What do other people do?

You have two options here:

1) Generate a standalone toolchain and sdk installer.

bitbake -c populate_sdk your_image_name

This will generate an installer script-tarball in

Execute this script and follow the installation instructions. This will
extract both the toolchain and sysroot to a directory of your choice
(e.g. /opt/poky/1.6.2/).

When you configure the Yocto ADT plugin in Eclipse, select "Standalone
pre-built toolchain" before you point it to the sysroot and toolchain
directories created by the installer above.

2) Base your image on one of the development images (e.g.
So *that* explains why I've never been able to get the Eclipse plug-in to work. I'd suggest adding the above detail to the "Extracting a Root Filesystem" section of the manual.

For a frame of reference, I do two separate actions. I'll use bitbake to build our full production image. We also have a few userspace applications in which I'll build through Eclipse and test on the actual hardware. We interface with enough external devices that testing with the QEMU doesn't work too well and we'll need to test on actual hardware. So I just need to build something that I can then run on the actual hardware. After re-reading the "Extracting the Root Filesystem" section, I think there is an assumption that someone would only be doing this for QEMU purposes. I think some details stating what is needed out of the extracted filesystem for development would be beneficial.



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