Strange USB behavior

Chris Tapp

I'm running on a platform using the Vortex86DX SoC which includes a CM119 USB audio interface.

I've got a kernel configuration that recognizes and initializes this ok (dmesg reports it as an ALSA device). However, this is only the case if I also have a USB storage device connected when it boots!

1) The audio works if I boot the kernel from the USB device;
2) The audio works if I boot from the system SD card and any USB storage device is connected (it's not booting from this accidentally);
3) The audio does not work if I boot from the SD card without a USB storage device.

Can anyone give me an idea where I should start looking to try and understand what's going on here?

Kernel is a modified 'common-pc' 2.6.34 wrs that has been built using Yocto 0.9.

Chris Tapp


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