Re: replace etc/network/interfaces with symbolic link

Aurele Traynard <aurele.traynard@...>

Thank you for all answers, I looked

In fact I found another problem, even if I modify the original recipe I can't get a modified rpm, or rootfs...
I commented lines concerning interfaces files but it seems that nothing is modified in the rootfs and in the rpm...
if someone understands what I missed...

the bitbake file :
and I commented out :
#install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/interfaces ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces
#CONFFILES_${PN} = "${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces"


2015-02-06 20:38 GMT+01:00 Bryan Evenson <bevenson@...>:


One possible issue is ${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces is listed in the CONFFILES in the original recipe.  It may still be installing this file because it is listed under CONFFILES.  Try adding:


To your bbappend.


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> Hi,
> I'm trying to find a clean way to replace /etc/network/interfaces with a
> symbolic link. (it comes with init-ifupdown recipe) I tried with  a bbappend
> but nothing appear in final filesystem and /etc/network/interfaces still
> exists...
> I'm sure the following code is completely wrong, but I don't know how to do
> this with the right way...
> do_install_append () {
>     mkdir -p datas/network
>     install -d 0755 ${D}/datas
>     install -d 0755 ${D}/datas/network
>     install -m 0755 ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces ${D}/datas/network
>     #mv ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces ${D}/datas/network
>     rm ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces
>     ln -sf /datas/network/interfaces ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/interfaces
> }
> FILES_${PN} += "/datas/ /datas/network/interfaces"
> thanks for any help

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